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We are currently studying the book of Nehemiah during the Sunday Morning Worship Service. 





02/14/10 Nehemiah a Heart for God's Work Nehemiah 1
02/21/10 Prayer for Spiritual Renewal, part I Nehemiah 1:5-11
02/28/10 Prayer for Spiritual Renewal, part II Nehemiah 1:5-11
03/21/10 Will of God Nehemiah 2
04/11/10 The Building of the Wall Nehemiah 3
04/18/10 Just Zap 'Em Lord! Nehemiah 4:1-6
04/28/10 Stay the Course Nehemiah 4:6-23
05/16/10 When Problems Come From Within Nehemiah 5
05/23/10 Oppression from Without and Within Nehemiah 6
05/30/10 The Return to a Godly Community Nehemiah 7
06/13/10 Money and the Kingdom Nehemiah 7:70-72
06/27/10 Money and the Kingdom, Part II Nehemiah 7:70-72
07/11/10 Money and the Kingdom, Part III Nehemiah 7:70-72
07/18/10 Money and the Kingdom, Part IV Nehemiah 7:70-72
07/25/10 Money and the Kingdom, Part V Nehemiah 7:70-72
08/08/10 Making the Bible Prominent Nehemiah 8
08/15/10 Making the Bible Prominent, Part II Nehemiah 8
08/22/10 Making the Bible Prominent, Part III Nehemiah 8
08/29/10 The Pathway to Restoration Nehemiah 9:1-4
09/12/10 The Prayer of  Confession Nehemiah 9:5f
09/19/10 The Prayer of Confession, part II Nehemiah 9:6-8
09/26/10 The Prayer of Confession, part III Nehemiah 9:9-15
10/10/10 The Prayer of Confession, part IV Nehemiah 9:15-25
10/17/10 The Prayer of Confession, part V Nehemiah 9:19-25
10/24/10 The Prayer of Confession, part VI Nehemiah 9:26-31
10/31/10 The Prayer of Confession, part VII Nehemiah 9:32-38  
11/14/10 The Pledge of Obedience, Part I Nehemiah 10
01/9/11 The Pledge of Obedience, Part II Nehemiah 10
01/16/11 People for the Kingdom Nehemiah 11
01/23/11 Music in Worship Nehemiah 12
01/30/11 Revival, Ruin, and Rebuke Nehemiah 13


Special Topics

Christmas Sermons:





12/05/10 The Preparation for the Savior Galatians 4:4  
12/12/10 The Sending of the Savior Galatians 4:4  
12/19/10 The Descent of the Son Galatians 4:4  
12/26/10 The Purpose of the Incarnation Galatians 4:4  

Communion Sermons:

Christ in the Old Testament





08/02/09 Beholding Christ in the Old Testament Luke 24:13-35

09/06/09 Christ the Seed Genesis 3:15, 9:18-29

11/01/09 Christ and Abraham Genesis 15:1-6

01/03/10 Christ and Melchizedek Genesis 14;18-20, Hebrews 7

02/07/10 Christ in the Sacrifice of Isaac Genesis 22:1-19

03/07/10 Christ in Jacob's Ladder Genesis 28:10-22

05/02/10 Christ in Jacob's Blessing Genesis 49:8-12

06/06/10 Christ in the Passover Exodus 12

07/04/10 Christ in Exodus Exodus 3
08/01/10 Christ in the Tabernacle Exodus 25:1-6
09/05/10 Christ in the Tabernacle, Pt II "Brazen Altar" Exodus 27:1-8
10/03/10 Christ in the Tabernacle, Pt III "Bronze Laver" Exodus 30:17-21, 38:8
11/07/10 Christ in the Sacrifices Leviticus 1  
01/02/11 Christ in the Holy Place Exodus 25:23-40  
02/06/11 Christ in the Holy of Holies Exodus 25:10-22, 26:31-35  

2010 Special Events:





03/14/10 By His Grace We Are Saved
Pastor Robert Muhumuza, Jinja, Uganda
various passages

03/28/10 Christ the King Mark 11

04/04/10 The Relevance of the Resurrection I Corinthians 15



06/20/10 Honoring Dad Exodus 20:12



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